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certain products may take longer due to their bespoke design
certain products may take longer due to their bespoke design

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Founded in 2009 Eireplates has grown to become Ireland's largest online supplier of high quality number plates and accessories.

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27th May 2024

Eireplates are the leading supplier of Jap pressed number plates, Japanese pressed plates, JDM plates, Jap metal plates, Jap plastic plates for over 15 years. If you want the best jap plates come to us! We supply Jap plates in a number of standard off the shelf sizes or can make you a fully customised jap jdm number plate to the size you require.

We have a variety of colours available also including white jap plates, black jap plates, yellow jap plates and red jap plates and these come with black or silver fonts. 

We use 45mm fonts on our Jap JDM plates on both lines but we can also supply the small and large fonts in 45mm and 70mm fonts that our customers really love too! We also can do German fonts on a Jap JDM plate for those who have imported a German JDM car or want a US size German plate on your car.

Jap JDM plates can be manufactured in with metal such as aluminium or plastic acrylic.

Here are our aluminium jap jdm plates: Jap Plates | Shop Number Plates Online | Eireplates

Here are our plastic acrylic jap plates  Plastic Acrylic Number Plates | Shop Number Plates Online | Eireplates

Jap JDM plates come in a number of sizes: 305mm x 155mm, 340mm x 180mm, 330mm x 178mm or we can make you a special size if you need it!

Do jap jdm plates pass the NCT? Jap JDM plates will pass the NCT once the have blue euro IRL flag, county name and hyphens on the top line of the plate. The vehicle must be only able to display a jap size plate due to the fitment on the bodywork or bumper. If the vehicle can take a normal euro plates (520mm x 110mm) then this must be fitted and the jap jdm size number plate will not be acceptable.

We can also make Japanese replica plates for that JDM look! Japanese Import Replica Plate (305mm x 155mm) Single - Type3 - Irish Number Plates - Ireland Number Plates - NCT Number Plates|

So remember Eireplates are the number 1 supplier of Jap, Japanese, JDM number plates in Ireland for over 15 years. 

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18th May 2024

We often get asked what is legal and what is not when it comes to Irish Number plates. There is a lot of information out there on vehicles registered after 1987 but very difficult to find information on 1986 and earlier vehicles.

So in simple terms here it is:

1986 and older

Black on white plate, Black on red plate or silver on black plate

No other markings required such as the blue euro flag, county name or hyphens between the county letter(s) and numbers.

1987 to 1990

Black on white plate

No other markings required such as the blue euro flag, county name or hyphens between the county letter(s) and numbers.

1991 to present day


Black on white plate with blue IRL euro flag, county name in Irish corresponding to the county of registration and the hyphens between the county letter(s) and numbers. These are known as "Europlates" and if you want to buy some check out our shop here or here.

If you want to read the law then here is the Irish Statute Book on Road Vehicles (S.I. No. 287/1990). There was an update to this in the form of S.I. No. 318/1992 - Vehicle Registration and Taxation Regulations, 1992

Revenue have an abbreviated version of this at there Format of Registration Plates link.

The NCT manual can be found here also but only details post 1987 vehicles. 


So in practical terms an NCT tester or An Garda will only look for the Europlates on a post 1991 vehicle. Vehicles 1990 and older vehicles can display plates in black, white and red as there is nothing in current law stating that they can't. You will see some vehicles with yellow rear plates and again there is nothing in current law that states that you cannot.


16th May 2024

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Eireplates articles where we write about all things number plates related. Eireplates was founded in 2009 by Trevor Flynn to provide great quality number plates at reasonable prices with quick delivery and a best in the industry customer service backup and guarantee. Eireplates has grown to be the number one provider of numberplates and accessories in Ireland and also has regular customers across Europe, Japan and US. Eireplates is a well known and trusted brand across both private and business trade customers. We sell NCT plates, pressed aluminium numberplates, gel 3D number plates, 4D number plates, Classic & Vintage number plates, Jap numberplates, motorbike numberplates, numberplates accessories like numberplate surrounds, numberplate adhesive sticky pads, numberplate screws and numberplate velcro kits just to name a few! In the future we will delve into these products and more to provide more information about them and their uses.

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