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How do I contact Eireplates?

Email ( or through our contacts page form is quickest

If you phone and we don't answer please leave a message/text and we will call you back

We can also be contacted on social media but responses can be slower

How long will it take to get my plates?

Eireplates pride ourselves on quick delivery using fully insured couriers. Delivery is usually 1 to 2 working days after you place your order

Our rivited digit plates can take up to 10 working days due to the complexity and time they take to make

Oh no! I have incorrectly ordered number plates!!

If you have incorrectly specified a registration number please contact us ASAP (through contacts form or email is best) as we tend to send the plates for production very soon after we receive the order

Once a plate has been manufactured then it cannot be reworked or remade. It must be scrapped/recycled unfortunately

In the event the plate has already been made or sent then we will work with you to resolve the matter to your satisfaction

I have received an incorrect order?

In the event you have received an incorrect order please contact us and we will resolve the matter to your satisfaction

My plates have arrived damaged?

If you have received damaged plates please keep all packaging. Please send us pictures of the damaged plates and packaging and we will replace ASAP at no cost to you.

Where can I find information on the legalities of Irish Number Plates?

See here for the Irish Statute Book on Irish Registration Plates accepts no responsibility for incorrectly displayed plates on vehicles

Will my car pass the NCT with German font plates?

We have had reports that vehicles have passed their NCT with German font plates. Their plates had been specified with IRL, hyphens and county name and with no other markings. It depends on the tester and their knowledge of the regulations surrounding plates. A good tip is to print off the Irish Statute Book S.I. No. 287/1990 and produce it if there is a problem at the time of the NCT test.

If any images displayed here infringe copyright we apologise and ask you to advise us ASAP please.
Irish Statute Book
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Disclaimer: does not accept responsibility for illegally displayed registration plates. Please see the Irish Statute book for the current law on Irish registration plates. Any plates that do not conform to this law and ordered through this site are to be used for show purposes only,

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